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Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School Company number 08574691

 Governance statement (2015/16)

The academy trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The charitable company’s memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the academy trust. The trustees are also the governors of the school. The charitable company is known as Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School. Company members comprise the signatories to the company’s memorandum and two persons appointed by Diocese of Canterbury Academies Company Limited. The Chair of governors is a member as are any other persons appointed by the members with the written agreement of Diocese Board of Education by special resolution.

Details of governors who served during the previous academic year appear below.

Company members can appoint not less than seven governors and the incumbent is included on the governing body. The incumbent is also a governor. Two staff governors are appointed by company members. There are two elected parent governors.The term of office for all appointed governors is four years. The total number of governors, including the Executive Headteacher, who are company employees shall not exceed one-third of the total number of governors. Any governor may be re-appointed/re-elected.

The governing body’s role is strategic. Acting on the advice of the Executive Headteacher, the governing body sets aims and objectives for the academy and policies and targets that will achieve these aims. It also monitors the progress of the academy and reviews the strategic framework it has established.

To facilitate the working of the governing body, some of its functions are delegated to ‘monitoring pairs’, the Executive Headteacher and the senior leadership team.

The Executive Headteacher is responsible for: monitoring monthly expenditure, miscellaneous financial decisions; appointment, suspension and dismissal of staff; establishing and implementing the curriculum; standards of teaching; individual pupils’ education; implementing performance management policies; ensuring pupils take part in a daily act of collective worship; compliance with health and safety policies; and acts as the academy’s Accounting Officer.

The governing body met six times during the academic year 2016/17.

Trustee meetings attended out of a possible

Pamela Mousley (Chair, Director appointed) 6/6
Caroline Blades (Vice Chair, parent) 5/6
Pam Eccles (Director appointed) 4/6
Amanda Lomas (Parent) 5/6
Jenny Olpin (Director appointed) 4/6
Micheala Sonnen (Parent) 5/6
Nicholas Robbins (Staff) 4/6


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