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At Temple Ewell we know through history, we can learn how past societies, ideologies, governments, and cultures were built, how they operated, and how they have changed. We understand that history encourages a deeper understanding of difference. That there are lessons, both good and bad, to be learned from the way our ancestors have interacted with other people who have different ways of living. In a modern world where inclusivity is embraced no matter your background, an understanding of how past societies have integrated is key to humanity improving in the future. At Temple Ewell we believe that a rich and broad history education helps our children to paint a detailed picture of where they stand today. Helping our children to make sense of the present as well as the past, and to appreciate the complexity and diversity of human societies and development.

Our curriculum is based on the national curriculum and is a progression of history knowledge, structured to building our children’s understanding of abstract concepts, such as empire, monarchy and migration. Children will leave our school with range of skills in information gathering, analysis and communication that will allow them to apply them to many other subjects and allow them to be successful with all their future learning.

For further information about the Intent, Implementation and Impact of our History curriculum, please see the History Policy below

History Policy

History Curriculum Overview

History Progression

History Skills Progression 

“I like learning about people in the past and how they lived and how they’ve changed .” (Iolanthe, Year 5)

“We learn about History so we know what has happened before.” (Leo, Year 4)

“We learn about the past to figure out what happened.” (Elizabeth, Year 2)

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