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At Temple Ewell we believe that mathematics is an essential part of children’s development.  Our intent is to ensure that all children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, are able to reason mathematically and can solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding.  These skills are embedded within mathematics lessons and developed consistently over time.  We are committed to ensuring that children are able to recognise maths in the wider world and that they are able to use their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in their lives in a range of different contexts.  We want all children to enjoy Mathematics and to experience success in the subject, with the ability to reason mathematically.  We are committed to developing children’s curiosity about the subject, as well as an appreciation of the beauty and power of Mathematics.


What Maths looks like at Temple Ewell

At Temple Ewell, we believe everyone is capable of being successful in mathematics and can be a mathematician.

Our maths lessons include a lot of problem solving. We are encouraged to explain and justify how we came to an answer and will sometimes compare different ways to solve the same problem and think about which is the most efficient and effective. We like to look for patterns and make links between different things we have learned in maths, we also like to look for proof to justify what we are thinking.

We work as a class and aim to all learn the same thing in the same lesson whilst at the same time we are working at our individual best level. Our teachers teach us as a whole class but help us to learn by breaking our lessons into smaller chunks, they believe that we need to have regular opportunities to practise what they are teaching us and try to give us problems and work that uses the same maths but that looks different. Some children have extra time with the teacher because they have more questions they want answered about what we are learning. Others might explore the mathematics we are working on at a deeper level asking complex questions about what we are learning and applying our understanding to a range of different scenarios. Sometimes we work in our year groups within our classes, but our teachers always make sure we are all working on the same aspect of mathematics.

Our teachers know it is important we know our key facts really well so we have time to practise these, they also like us to use full sentences to answer questions.

At our school, we all know that mathematics is really important and fun!

For further information about the Intent, Implementation and Impact of our Mathematics curriculum, please see the Mathematics Policies and overview below

Mathematics Policy

Calculation Policy

Click here to view the Maths Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage Expectations

Maths Progression

“Mathematics lessons at my school help us prepare for everyday life!” (Ilanthe, Year 5)

“I like mathematics because you have to work things out – you don’t just get the answer, you have to solve problems. At school we learn how to do this.” (Ruben, Year 3)

“Mathematics is good because you get to learn all sorts of new things everyday – it makes my brain grow!” (Harriet, Year 3)

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