Temple Ewell

Oaks Class

Oaks Class

Peaky Pyramids and Freaky Pharaohs

We begin our learning journey on the banks of the River Nile where Literacy lessons will be based around stories from Ancient Egypt which have been passed down over the last 4,000 years. We will be writing extensively and this term we will be focussing particularly on grammar and punctuation. In mathematics we will be working with decimals, rounding large numbers, fractions and converting measurements. (These themes will all help with the topic this term!)

Exploring tombs, unwrapping mummies, and searching maps and timelines are some of the activities we have planned during this term which hopefully will excite and engage our young explorers. There may even be some amazing discoveries rather like Howard Carter’s in our history and geography lessons!

What did Ancient Egyptians eat? What were their jobs and why did they live by the Nile? These are already some of the amazing questions that have been asked in the class. The children have eagerly written on our working wall the questions they would like to research and answer over the coming weeks.

We plan to have an Egyptian feast too, where we will wear our jewellery designs that we will have made in Art and we will be able to celebrate our Egyptian houses which we will have designed and made in our DT lessons.

As usual, a busy time in Oaks this term, welcome to Year 5 & 6!


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