Temple Ewell

Sycamores Class

Sycamores Class

The new Super Sycamores are going to be immersed in the rainforests of the world. We are going to find out: where rainforests can be found; what can be found there; the weather conditions and why they are so important to the whole planet. We will also be finding out the different habitats that can be found between the different layers of the forests. The rainforests will inspire our writing using descriptive writing and explanation texts.

As well as exploring the rainforests we are going to be historians looking into the ancient civilisation of the Mayans. Finding out: who they were; where they were and how they have influenced our lives today? The Mayans told many myths which we will learn and use to create our own.

In numeracy we will be expanding our knowledge of numbers and digits, solving real life problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using decimals and money.

During science we will be investigating how light and sound works, how it travels and how we can (and do) use them. The rest of the term will be electrifying! The whole class will be working safely with electricity to design and make our own torches. Hopefully we will find some budding electrical engineers.

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