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Health, Welfare and Safety

This page contains information to parents relating to the school year 2010 /2011.

Though this information was correct in relation to that year at the time of publication, it should not be assumed that there will be no change affecting the information during the year in question, or in relation to subsequent years.


If your child is absent from school for any reason, it is essential that you let us know the reason by telephone or a short note on the first morning of absence.

If you wish your child to leave school during the day for an appointment please ensure that we are informed beforehand.

Holidays during term time are strongly discouraged.  If, however, there is not alternative, your request with a letter from your employer stating the reason along with the standard holiday form, will be given consideration.

Where a temporary exemption from some aspect of the curriculum is sought, for example P.E. andgames, swimming, an explanatory note will avoid misunderstanding.



The school will require you to complete a contact data form so that we may reach you or a relative during the day should the need arise.

Could you please also ensure that you inform the school of any changes in circumstances that might affect your child.  This may be a change of address or contact number etc.


If your child is unwell we will make every effort to contact you.  As you are aware, it is very important that we have up-to-date home/work telephone numbers or other contact numbers.  Until we have contacted you, we will take any action required in the interests of the child.  If your child is ill before school begins, please do not send them to school on that day.

We have Appointed First Aiders on our School Staff and in the event of an accident, appropriate first aid will be given.  In the case of more serious accidents we will contact you as soon as possible.

Regarding Educational Visits away from the school site, every parent will be asked to sign an agreement form giving permission for appropriate medical emergency treatment to be arranged in the event of an extreme emergency or parents not available or contactable.  If your child suffers a bump to the head, you will be notified by letter.



Whilst at school, School Medical Services give all children routine medical screening on a regular basis, including vision, height and weight.



For safety reasons, medicines should not be sent to school.  If your child requires medication of any description then this should be given at home.  In cases where antibiotics are prescribed and need to be taken three times a day, then you should arrange for one dose to be given before school and one immediately your child gets home after school.  The final dose can then be given before they go to bed.

If you prefer, you are welcome to come into school at lunchtime to administer a dosage or any other treatment.

If your child is asthmatic or needs occasionally to use an inhaler, then will you please arrange for a spare inhaler (clearly marked with your child’s name), to be kept in school with your child.   The school should be fully informed of your child’s condition and the treatment he/she is receiving.

If your child has an exceptional medical condition requiring special treatment then you should contact the school to discuss what arrangements can be made.  If you are in any doubt about these arrangements then please contact the school.  Your co-operation in this matter is  much appreciated.


Should you be aware of any medical problems such as an allergy or colour blindness it is important that we are informed of this as soon as possible.



In the interest of health generally and dental health in particular, children are discouraged from bringing sweets/crisps, etc. to school and are encouraged to eat fruit at morning playtime.  The school is part of the Government’s “School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme” and as such a free piece of fruit or vegetable is given to every KS1 child each school day.  This scheme has been extended to include Junior pupils who pay 15p per piece of fruit or vegetable consumed each day .


It is your responsibility as parents for your child getting to and from school.  When he/she is young, you will probably wish to bring him/her.  Road Safety training should be part of parents’ responsibility from pre-school times.  The teaching staff frequently raise the children’s awareness of road safety in school assemblies and class lessons.  Additionally, Cycling Proficiency courses (for Year 6 children) are held in school annually.  Instruction is followed by an assessment of progress made.

Parents and visitors are requested not to bring cars into the car park when bringing or collecting their children to and from school for obvious reasons – overcrowding of the car park and very importantly a danger to pupils.



Children are made fully conversant with the school’s procedure.  Fire drills are normally held termly and the Kent Fire Brigade is informed and may be involved if this is deemed to be necessary.


If worsening weather conditions indicate that by 3.15 pm children and staff may have difficulty getting home, every attempt will be made to contact you to ask you to come and collect children from school.

If you anticipate difficulties collecting your children later in the day due to weather conditions, please come early and collect children from school or telephone us to let us know what arrangements to make.

Needless to say, the Headteacher or other authorised people will remain at school until all children have been safely collected by their parents.

If the decision is made not to open school as a result of deteriorating conditions overnight local radio will be notified and information broadcast on:

Radio Kent (96.7 and 104.2 FM)

KMFM (96.4 –106.8FM)

Heart(103.1& 102.8FM)

A text message will also be sent and a message put on the school website.

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