Temple Ewell

The School

Temple Ewell School lies in the centre of the village of Temple Ewell.  It takes pride in being the village school and enjoys being part of a vibrant and active community.

The school dates back to 1871.  Therefore it is not surprising that there remains a feel of history to the school that can become living and immediate to the children here today.  Previously the children were educated in the Church itself and the old buildings you can see were built through the commitment of the Reverend C H Lipscombe.  The main building was finished in 1871 at a total cost of £900.00.  It consisted of a large classroom that at times held over one hundred children aged 7 – 14 years.  After the money for building was raised from several sources, the Lord of the Manor then contributed £10.00 to making the school lane, with two of the managers agreeing to find enough stones for the road!

We have progressed from the time in 1913 when water for painting had to be fetched from the village pump at the end of the lane!  Gas lighting was substituted for oil lamps in the school in 1902.  Electric lighting did not appear for another fifty years, not until 1952!

In the mid 60’s three additional classrooms were added.  The Millennium Hall funded and jointly owned by both School and Church was added in October 2000, along with a smaller mobile classroom and with the school hall and school house, make up Temple Ewell School as it is today.

Adjacent to the school is the large George V Playing Field.  Although it is owned by the Parish Council, we have full use during the day for break and lunchtimes and for sporting activities.


The school has five mixed aged classes which are grouped mainly by chronological age.

Key Stage 1:

Acorns  (Years R and 1) – comprising the age range 4 – 6 years

Willows   (Years 1 and 2) – comprising the age range 5 – 7 years


Elms  (Year 2 and  3) – comprising the age range 7 – 8 years

Key Stage 2:

Sycamores   (Years 4 and 5) – comprising the age range 8 – 10 years

Oaks   (Years 5 and 6) – comprising the age range 9 – 11 years


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