Temple Ewell

An Aquila School

An Aquila School

Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School is a proud and active member of Aquila, The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust.

The name ‘Aquila’ is translated from Latin as ‘eagle’ and reflects the sense of aspiration and hope found in Isaiah 40:31

They will soar on wings like eagles…’

Through inclusive and innovative practice, we nurture the Aquila family to provide exceptional learning experiences, enriching the lives of all in our unique communities.

To achieve our vision, we put schools and therefore children, staff and governors at the centre of our work.

Aquila (‘The Trust’) is the Diocese of Canterbury’s Multi-Academy Trust  Limited (MAT), and was incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee in May 2014 (Company number 09035788).

For full information about the trust please follow the links below

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