Temple Ewell

Pupil Voice

At Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School we value the opinions and ideas of our all pupils and encourage them to share these through various councils and forums.

The School Council


Each class elects 2 members for the School Council each year. The council meets regularly to discuss ways to improve and develop the school, organise charity and fun activities for all the children and share any ideas from children in their class.

Each member has a specific role to play in the council; including Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers. The Chairs write the agendas for each meeting, while the Secretaries write the minutes and the Treasurers take care of any money raised during the year.

Over recent years, the Council have organised a wide variety of charity events to raise money for local, National and International charities. They have organised a Temple Ewell Bake Off competition and a school talent show, ran Healthy Food Tuckshops and led activities during Anti-bullying week.

The Council members take their role very seriously and constantly strive to find new ideas and ways to enhance our school.

The Spiritual Council


Our Spiritual Council are elected by members of their class each year. They meet regularly to discuss and review RE, Collective Worship, values and the ethos of our Church School.

Recently the Council have visited the local Baptist Church to compare how different Christians worship. They often take part in mass at St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church and organise the School Church Services throughout the year. They are currently developing the school Spiritual Garden and reviewing how and where we can reflect and pray around the school.

The Sports and Wellbeing Council


At Temple Ewell CEP School we have a full time Sports and Wellbeing Coach training children regularly to participate in over 20 sports throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. We have been extremely successful in winning district and county final events. We also have a 100% inclusion rate in Key Stage 2 sports events pre-Covid.

Our Sports and Wellbeing Council have active involvement in planning some of the events and sporting opportunities in the academic year. In previous years the Sport and Wellbeing Council have organised inter house competitions which were extremely successful. They also organised a Race for Life Event which raised over £1,600.  The Sports and Wellbeing Council play an important role within the development of the physical education at our school. They are also role models within the school, they have responsibility to ensure they encourage, motivate and inspire their peers.

We believe sport, fitness and an active and healthy lifestyle are crucial to life long learning and success.


The Learners’ Forum

The Learners’ Forum are an active group of children from year 1 to year 6. They represent a wide range of abilities and interests. The group, supported by Mrs Wallace, Inclusion Manager, meet regularly to discuss teaching and learning. They participate in action research, which involves writing and collating questionnaires, observing lessons and interviewing members of staff.



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